Hello! My name is Megan McLaughlin (or Meg).

I am  a first year Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies major from Brookline, New Hampshire.  My long term goal is to become an occupational therapist and specialize in geriatrics. I enjoy working with the elder population; currently I work as a waitress at an assisted living community. It is an environment that I love being in and I’m always happy to work there. I’ve always wanted to have a career in some sort of  health profession, and occupational therapy seemed to most interesting and suited for me. I decided to specialize in geriatrics after I began working at the retirement home.

I’m from a very rural area, so I enjoy any activity outside or in nature such as hiking and kayaking. I also played field hockey for six years and softball for twelve; sports were a huge part of my life. In my free time I love to watch the show Friends on Netflix.

I sometimes enjoy writing, It just takes me a while to gather all of my thoughts and lay them out nicely in sentences. I don’t like when I have to write essays on topics that I’m uninterested in or I don’t have many opinions on because there isn’t much for me to say. Other than that I don’t mind writing.