In the final draft of my significant writing project that I chose, I used three different sources as evidence. One of the sources that I used a quote from was from Yo-Yo Ma’s essay “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education.” Here is the example of what I wrote:

He continues on about having equilibrium within all life forms, and that “only when science and the arts, critical and empathetic reasoning, are linked to the mainstream will we find a sustainable balance in society.” By which he means, incorporating art into STEM will balance out our minds because we would be using different techniques to gain high-level cognitive reasoning.

In this section you can see how I integrated the quote into a sentence that introduces what Ma is saying. Then after the quote is finished, I explain what the quote means in my own words. After this quote was explained, I used it to compare to the findings of Mark B. Boslough. This example that I am using shows how the quote was necessary in the paragraph because it directly responds to the question that was being asked of why arts are important.  It was also comparing to Boslough’s work, which was the transition into the next paragraph.