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Arts and sciences are both extremely important areas of study, however is mixing them together to gain a better understanding a good idea? I believe that the arts have a different impact on an individual than science. Mark B. Boslough mentions G.K Gilbert’s view that scientific research is an investment. He explains, “Our scientific bank account has lead to… medical discoveries that have given us longer, healthier, happier lives.” With that factual evidence, “research spending is money in the bank, not money in a hole.” By this he means that despite what the budget-cutting congress thinks, scientific research is not a waste of money. With art, there is more creative thinking and imagination that expands the mind. Yo-Yo Ma suggests “the most proficient way to teach the values of collaboration, flexibility, imagination, and innovation… is through the performing arts.” according to Ma, the arts should be taught alongside the STEM system because they help teach these things. While both Boslough and Ma show the values and importance of science and art, I don’t believe that they go hand in hand. Art simply does not have the same effects on ones knowledge as science does.

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  1. elishaemerson

    I think you are onto something. Stay on task, though. You begin your paragraph by distinguishing between art and science. You proceed to state that an investment in science is an investment in facts. The discussion involving politics could serve as an unnecessary deviation and distraction from your main point.

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