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The article that I have chosen to read is “Science Reveals Nature’s Hidden Beauty- Artists Should Revel in it” by Geraldine Cox from Imperial College London. She goes in depth about the science behind the beauty in nature. The author is mostly speaking to artists, saying that “nature offers valuable hints forĀ art, science and life.” I think this will be useful in my essay because I can incorporate the nature aspect of beauty.

I think that for my first podcast, I will use Elizabeth’s. I like her sister’s description of overcoming an obstacle and finding the reward as a a beautiful experience. It also includes how the view of Greece was beautiful and that ties in with the nature part of beauty.

For the second podcast, I think I am using Taylor Fowler’s. I like how she believes that beauty is found in new beginnings and her story where she watched how the scene changed and she could see it in a different way. She also talked about how beauty elicits emotions, which is big topic that I plan to include in my paper.

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  1. elishaemerson


    Your essay choice sounds interesting! I’ll be interested to see how you connect it into the greater conversation. Please let me know if you need any help with your final paper. I’m sorry that your peers did not find the time to comment on your blog.

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